Saturday, June 13, 2009

Finally...and after

So first, the sink. Much more attractive than the old one, don't you think? And with an appropriately sized faucet as well.

I wanted granite that was as close to solid black as possible. Not that you can see much of it with all the stuff I have on it. I do love my Omnigrid Fold-Away Cutting Station. I initially bought it to take with to my stitching group, but I use it all the time! I only have to take out the big cutting mat and ironing board when I am working on something big (which I actually am...more on that on Thursday).

And here is where I sit to sew. It looks out on to the screen porch. The little enamel topped table is one on my very favorite pieces. I bought it out of the basement of an estate sale in Milwaukee for $20 and repainted the wooden base in a glossy white.

So, this is totally unrelated, but I am such a sucker for cute that I have to share this with you...Kleenex in a watermelon box. Never mind that I have 12 boxes of Kleenex from Costco in my linen closet. I saw these at Target at did not even think twice. I don't even know how much they cost (although I am figuring out how to open the box from the bottom to refill it). I have always liked watermelon motifs. Back in the 80s I had lots of them in my "country" decorating style...them and geese wearing blue kerchiefs around their necks, but hey, who didn't?


Margie said...

you know I'm so jealous-

belinda said...


Sharon said...

I want to come and sew with you!! It looks so inviting, Pam. AND I love those watermelon tissues!! Every summer I bring out my "Watermelon themed" decorations--it never goes out of style!

Jackie said...

Everything looks so nice & pretty. I love your new sink too. And YES adorable kleenex box. I saw on tv this morning that q-tips are now coming in cute decorative boxes for setting out.