Saturday, April 28, 2007

Wedding in progress is what I have done so far. These are 162 of the 243 strips (3 squares per strip) that will ultimately get sewn together into 81 blocks. I am trying to keep them as random as possible for the most color diversity. The dark brown triangles are the unifying theme. Once I get the blocks pieced, I will then have the challenge of arranging them. Right now I am leaning toward this type of layout, which gives you those visuals diagonals.Of course, I did need some immediate gratification and sewed this block together just to get an idea of what one would look like.
And while my Bernina was smoking, Miss Graycie found a new spot to nap, on another work in progress...perhaps to remind me that this sweater is almost finished!

Monday, April 2, 2007

More doll and food pictures

Here is Miss Revlon ready for Easter in her pale blue gingham shirtwaist dress trimmed with matching baby rickrack.

For some reason, the idea of edible flowers has always appealed to me. I recently planted two nasturtium plants...this is a picture of my first harvest :-)