Monday, June 8, 2009

And the winner is....

Robin! Robin, please email me with your address so I can mail your prize to you. Thanks to all 124 of you who left a comment! (Just in case you're interested, I used the random number generator to choose the winner.) I hope at least some of you will come back and visit me on occasion. I promise to post more about every Monday and Thursday? Hopefully I can come up with something mildly interesting at least twice a week. And be sure to check out the Sewn web page!
So, in today's at least mildly interesting category are the two newest additions to my Scottie collection. You did know that I have a Scottie collection, didn't you? What self respecting Mary Engelbreit fan doesn't? Some of you have commented on my blog header. That is a little piece I made from a Keepsake Quilting pattern several years ago. Anyway, my two most recent acquisitions both found their way to Houston in my suitcase after my recent trip to Minneapolis. My sweet daughter, Kate, gave me this cutting board as a Mother's Day present. She bought it at Anthropologie. I doubt that it will ever see the blade of a knife.

And this little cutie was purchased by me for $5 at a flea market in the parking lot of the 331 during the Northeast Art-a-Whirl. He now sits next to my computer holding important things like my nursing license renewal form.

Coming up on Thursday...those long awaited "after" pictures of my sewing/crafting/laundry room! We had a small dinner party last night, so I was motivated to clean up my mess. I will quickly take some pictures while it is still presentable and share them with you then.

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