Sunday, September 28, 2008

Where to begin?

Let me start off by saying that yes, finally, after almost 16 days without electricity, it's back!!! We spent last night at the Hotel Zaza. We had been invited to a black tie dinner there and when I heard that we probably wouldn't have power, I booked us a room. I refused to get all dressed up in the dark with no A/C, and figured that after after two weeks with no power we deserved a night in a nice hotel. We went to the party and had a lovely evening. We stopped at Katz's for breakfast before heading home around noon. We were a few blocks from home when I noticed that someone had their sprinkler system on, but tried not to get my hopes up (our neighbors across the street had power back on Friday evening). After we turned on to our block, I noticed a neighbor had their garage door open and the overhead garage light was on. As we pulled into our driveway, I thought, "Dare I hope?" and pressed the garage door opener. Mike says I let out a whoop when the door opened. I spent an hour or so in a state of shock, turning things on, resetting clocks, etc. Since then, I have done two loads of laundry, updated our checking account in Quicken, talked on the newly charged up cordless phone and ejected the DVD I was watching on the night of the storm (Big Love: Season 1: Disc 3). Lots more about the hurricane experience that I will share with you all now that I have electricity and phone (that's another story), but for now, I just want to thank you all again for your concern during this trying time and also to please keep those who have lost so much more in your thoughts and prayers.


A said...

Oh, thank God you FINALLY have your power back on!! I just can't imagine 16 days with no power!! Maybe you all can get a generator in case this ever happens again. I'm afraid I'd have been the whole two weeks in an hotel, cause I'm such a wimp when it comes to heat and no a/c.
can't wait to hear the phone story!
BTW, I love your new header on your blog, perfect and cute!!

Kate said...

so, what do you think of Big Love so far?

Pam said...

Love it! Just got the next DVD in the mail and can't wait to watch it!