Friday, September 12, 2008

Sunny for now...

No question, it's coming...

And we are right smack in the middle of the path. (See that little inlet in the center of "red zone?" That's Galveston Bay, 50 miles SE of us).

But for now, the sun is still shining.

And the sky is still blue, although there are clouds forming and a breeze is picking up.

We spent last evening moving everything into the garage that could possibly become a projectile in 100+ mph winds...potted plants, lawn furniture, barbecue grills. Mike is on the ride-out team at MD Anderson, so he has gone to spend the next 36 hours or so at the hospital. The cats and I are ready to "hunker down," whatever that means. I wonder where hummingbirds go during a hurricane?



Rhena said...

Fingers crossed for you.... It's really crazy to see how it is there right now. (One of the reason why citizen journalism can be so cool -- it shows what's really going on in an up-close personal way.)

Jackie said...

Hope your doing okay!!!!

lulu said...

Hope your power is back on now.
We only got some strong wind and a few sprinkles. Glad you had your kitties to hunker down with.