Monday, February 25, 2008

Spring cleaning...

...takes on a whole new meaning when you live on the gulf coast. When we moved down here, no one told us that every few years you have to have your house washed! The heat and high humidity result in a blackish-green moldy mildew growing on everything. I know it sounds is! So last week we had the house washed. It was a good opportunity to clean and rearrange the screen porch. When we bought this house, this was just a cement patio. Here is what it looked like then (and what the yard looked like before the fence and landscaping).

One of the best things we have done was to screen it in and have the floor tiled.

I took everything out and when the pressure washing was done, I washed and sealed the floor, vacuumed down the wicker furniture, ran the crockery through the dishwasher, washed the rugs and cushions.
This is what it looks like is one of my favorite spaces right now, in early spring when the weather pleasant enough to be outside.

The kitties like it, too :-)

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Jackie said...

I love your screen porch. It's simply wonderful. :-)