Friday, February 1, 2008

Garden color

I'm afraid there's not much of it right now, except for green. We haven't had a frost yet, so lots of things are still green, but not much in the way of flowers. My dwarf calamondin orange has several fruit on it, which do give the garden some color. Supposedly they are edible, but mind you, they are only about 1.5" in diameter, so I hardly think it would be worth the effort.
Here is a sad little yellow rose, trying its best before pruning, which in Houston, is traditionally done on Valentine's Day, when the risk of frost is over.
And my cyclamen are doing well...they remind me of little Valetine hearts.
I am working on a new quilting project, but can't show you just yet as it is for someone who might read my blog, though that is doubtful. I will share it with you after I give it to that person. My, aren't I sounding vague and mysterious?

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Jackie said...

They do look like lil' Valentine hearts. :-)