Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More chocolate, and some citrus

These are to die for! They are just like the ones from Whole Foods...organic, made in France, melt in you mouth delicious. And yes, I did take this picture. The sweet little heart shaped table was made by my dad, probably 20 years ago. It sits next to my front door, usually with a basket full of mail on it, just waiting for Valentine's Day to roll around and be noticed.
Curiosity finally got the best of me and I picked one of my dwarf calamondins. You can see that I wasn't kidding about their diminutive size.
Then I peeled it...
And I shared it with Mike :-) They initially have a very tart flavor, but also have a lingering sweetness. What surprised me is that two of the six segments contained full sized seeds! Wouldn't these be a cute garnish on a cupcake or a little custard filled tart?

The weekend before last we transplanted my Meyer lemon tree from its pot (where it had done nothing) into the ground next to the dwarf calamondin. I am very optimistic...it is already covered with blooms. Hopefully this time next year it will be covered with lemons!

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Jackie said...

~*~ HaPpY vAlEnTiNe'S dAy PaM ~*~

Your red table is wonderful. :-)