Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mystery project

I decided a bit late in the game that I wanted to make a quilt to give to my brother for his 5oth birthday, which is today. (So if you do read this, Happy Birthday, Jeff!) My initial thought was to make this one I saw at the Quilt Festival. It is made from April Cornell charm packs, which I had conveniently bought at the Quilt Festival.

But I thought that it might be too girly and decided to make a Texas themed quilt. He's not a native Texan, but has been here for almost 40 years, and I thought it would go well with his decor...who else do you know that has had a longhorn skull hanging over their mantel? I used the Yellow Brick Road pattern, which conveniently I also had...imagine that! With the help of the friendly ladies at Quilt 'n Sew in Katy, I picked out these fabrics. The ones on the left I used for the blocks, the ones on the right for the border and backing.

Graycie helped me with the sandwiching.

And while Purrkins normally wouldn't THINK of getting on the dining room table, he couldn't resist a nap on a folded up quilt, even though it didn't have a binding yet.

Time constraints what they were, I just did a simple diagonal machine quilting stitch.

This is what the back looks like.

And the heartfelt sentiment...

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A said...

What a beautiful quilt Pam!!
I love it.
Feb. 26 was/is Jeff's father's birthday....