Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentime's Day

That's what Mike calls it (which drives Kate and me both crazy!) He came home with these last night. I said, "Valentine's Day isn't until tomorrow." He said, "Then don't look at them until tomorrow." I said, "There are more than a dozen. There are a dozen and a half, eighteen, one for each year we have been together. How sweet!" He said, "Uh, right!" It was very sweet of him to bring them home last night so I can enjoy them all day today, since I am working tomorrow and Saturday.

I went to the thrift shop yesterday (I only go on Wednesdays, when their clothes are 50% off :-) I found a few cute things. I have posted some on Thrift Thursday, but here are a couple more:
An April Cornell throw pillow sham for for $2!
And these two crocheted cuties for $1.25.
I thought that they were both pot holders like the ones I have hanging my laundry/sewing/craft(crap) room.

But the one on the right is actually a jar lid cute is that?

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Jackie said...

Love the roses. :-)

Happy Valentine's Day! :-)