Sunday, November 23, 2008


I have been fascinated by the concept of eating locally ever since I read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. Obviously, living in city, we are not able to raise our own food. Heck, I can't even grow tomatoes successfully! We shop a lot at Whole Foods and at the Bayou City Farmers' Market when we can. After reading The Omnivore's Dilemma, I really started thinking twice about buying red meat. We don't eat much beef or pork, usually only a couple times a week, but after reading about CAFOs, I didn't want to eat any at all. Free range chickens are fairly easy to come by, and we do eat a lot of fish (the local version being gulf shrimp), but getting grass fed pastured beef and pork is a challenge. There are a few vendors at the farmers' market, but not a huge selection. And there is open season on wild pigs in Texas, but I don't think that I am ready to take up hunting quite yet. After a little web searching, I found Jolie Vue Farms and discovered that they have a monthly home delivery program, (and you all know how much I love having things delivered :-) We signed up for it, and look who came today.


Our monthly supply of meat arrived in this cooler...


Purrkins was interested to see if they included any kitty treats...


This is what was in our initial delivery:
Boneless pork chop 8 oz.
Pork porterhouse 14 oz.
Beef sirloin tip roast 2 #
Pork spare ribs 2#
Bacon 8 oz.
Ground pork 1#
Pork cutlets 1#
Ground beef 3#
Pork shoulder roast 2½ #
Whole chicken 3#
Italian sausage ¾ #
Smoked ham hocks 1#

A lot more pork than we normally eat, but it will be interesting to decide what to do with it all.


And they also included this cookbook, with recipes and tips on cooking grass fed meat.


I am excited to be able to make this change in our lifestyle...eating healthier food, supporting the people who produce it and reducing our carbon footprint in the process.


Bridget said...

One word for you...barbecue alot...OK maybe that's two words.

Kate said...

What are you supposed to do with ONE pork chop?? I'm excited and jealous for you

Pam said...

Gee, I don't know, maybe save it till next month when we get another one?

Anonymous said...

Hi Pam! It's Jodi from the susan branch group. I've also read AVM and Omnivore's Dilemma. I actually listened to AVM on CD and it was amazing. Have you tried making cheese yet???