Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My name is Pam and I am a dishaholic

I don't know why, but I LOVE dishes. I just do, always have, always will. And I don't want to stop, so forget about that 12 step thing. At present I have 6+ sets. This is the Fiestaware we use everyday,

as well as frequently for entertaining.

I have a complete set of Mary Engelbreit's Afternoon Tea that I have never used, but I hope to rectify that when all my ME pals come to visit this fall for the quilt festival.

My grandmother had this Johnson Brothers Apple Harvest in the 60s. I inherited the last remaining vegetable bowl she had, and have added enough pieces from eBay to serve 6-10.

Same story here...these were the dishes we had in the 50s, before my mother got Poppytrail Harvest Provincial (my brother has those). They are Buck's County by Royal of Sebring, Ohio. My mother gave me her last remaining piece, a chop plate, several years ago. I was good with that for a while, but then started looking on eBay. I now have more pieces of this than she ever had!

We also have Spode Christmas Tree. Mike had four plates and mugs and a tidbit tray from his mother, which we have added to over the years.

Our "good china" is Wedgwood Wild Strawberry. Back when the kids were still at home we used to use it fairly often for special occasions and holidays like Easter and Thanksgiving. Now we go to my brother's for Easter and Thanksgiving and I only use it occasionally. The last time was Valentine's Day.

When my sister was here last week (more about that later), we were at Macy's and I found this new Martha Stewart Wedgwood Conservatory Collection stoneware. It has mix and match blue and brown transferware patterns am absolutely in love with it! I tried to download a picture, but this was the best I could do. If you follow the link there are lots more pictures and you can see how gorgeous it is! It would be perfect for those times when the Fiesta is just too casual and the Wild Strawberry is too formal, don't you think?

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Jil said...

I am so happy to see someone else has this addiction. I am also a sheets and towels addict.
I have had my Afternoon Tea dishes set for years and many moves. They are so cheerful, I love them. I also have the pale yellow, cobalt and white fiestaware. Glad to know I won't be alone in group therapy. :)