Thursday, May 22, 2008

What I did today...

I may have mentioned that I am a nerd. I do the New York Times crossword puzzle EVERY Sunday. I have Will Shortz's autograph. I got it when I met him in New York in the fall of 2000. We were there for the ACR meeting and I just happened to hear on Weekend Edition Sunday (while I was listening to the puzzle) that he was going to be at a book event just a few blocks from our hotel. So of course I had to go. I had him sign that week's NYT puzzle and got my picture taken with him. After a decade of submitting entries, I finally got to play Puzzle on the air with him and Liane Hansen on 11/02/03. You can listen to it here.

With that accomplishment under my belt, I have been compelled to move on to greater things. I have taken the Jeopardy online test twice, and apparently I passed it the second time. I was invited to an "in-person" audition in Dallas, which I went to today. This is the official synopsis:

How does one become a contestant on JEOPARDY!?

The four basic steps to qualify as a contestant are:

  1. Qualify for an "in-person" audition by either passing the Online Test or attending a Brain Bus event and passing the pre-test.
  2. If you pass the online test and are invited to an "in-person" audition, you will then take another 50 question written test. Your application will be judged based on your “in-person” test score as well as your online test score.
  3. Everyone at the audition will play a short version of JEOPARDY! - Three at a time, just like on the actual show, complete with buzzers!
  4. Participate in a brief personality interview.

The in-person audition test presents 50 clues from 50 different categories in the familiar JEOPARDY! format. Each clue is read aloud and simultaneously projected as text on a screen. The material covers a wide range of categories and response time is limited. Once the test is over, the contestant coordinators will lead the group through a brief game-playing tutorial, after which everyone will take turns playing a mock version of the game. At the end of the mock game, each applicant will be asked to tell a little bit about themselves; likes, dislikes, career, family, hobbies, etc. The whole process takes approximately two hours. Please arrive early. Because of the strict format of the testing process, latecomers simply cannot be admitted. No exceptions! Only the test-takers will be permitted to enter the test site, guests are not allowed. Dress as you would to appear on the show.

There is no fee to take any of the tests, but please know that any costs you incur in connection with the test and audition (including but not limited to accommodations, meals, transportation, parking) must be at your own expense. We can assume no responsibility in that regard.

How will I know if I’ve been selected to compete on JEOPARDY!?

If you pass the test and play well in the mock game, you are put in the active file for 18 months from your test date. Being put in the active pool does not guarantee that you will be invited to appear on the show. If you are selected to compete on the show you will be contacted by our contestant coordinators with full details and booking instructions.

I will let you all know if I get the call to come to LA :-) Right now I am going to watch the last 2 episodes, which I have taped (I told you I was a nerd).

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