Saturday, April 5, 2008

Envelopes and socks and a scarf, oh my!

This is probably the prettiest time of the year in our backyard. This is the view from our bedroom upstairs. I love looking out at it, so lush and verdant. It will look like this for a while, inviting to the naive eye, not betraying the heat and humidity and bugs that will attack you if you should venture out into it. It is still trim and tidy, and actually quite cool and pleasant today. But summer is definitely just around the corner. And I'm not sure when, but sometime in July or August, the backyard starts to remind me more of a jungle than a retreat.

Ever since I saw the post about of security envelopes on Design Sponge, I have been obsessed with the idea (I told you that I am a nerd!) These are the ones I have amassed so far. The one on the bottom right reminds me of something from microbiology...gram positive rods?

I realized that I never posted a picture of the socks I was working on after they were finished, so here you go. Guess I will just admire them till next winter, as sock weather is over with here in Houston.
As for my latest knitting project, I found this yarn on sale at Michael's and was intrigued by the fact that it is 50% soy. So I bought a couple skeins to see what it would be like to work with.

I decided to just make the scarf that was the free pattern on the label. It is turning out nicely, even though I initially thought that K6tog was a typo. I finally figured out how to knit 6 together, which actually involves using a crochet hook...go figure!

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Jackie said...

Your backyard looks really nice. :-)