Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What have I been up to?

1. Birthing babies.

I had promised my friend Misty that I would be there for birth of her baby. As luck would have it, she went into labor and came in on a day that I was working, so I was able to not just be there, but to be her L&D nurse. Here I am holding baby Nina at ten days of age.

2. Going to the zoo.

We were in San Diego for a few days and I thought I would try to get some shots of the baby panda. She slept the whole time I was there.
Of course I couldn't ignore my favorite flamingos.

3. Planting flowers.

These impatiens were well past their prime, although they probably would have come back if I had pinched them back and fertilized them.
But I had been wanting to put in some cyclamen since before Christmas, which seems to be their season here. I finally got around to it today. It is nice and cool, so hopefully they will last for a few months.
4. Knitting socks.

I love this yarn...
...and the way it knits up into these stripes, so it looks like I have used 5 or 6 different yarns instead of just one.

5. Shopping for cute.

These Mary Engelbreit Chinese take-out containers are from Michaels. Not sure what I am going to do with them, but for $1 each I had to buy one of every pattern.
And here is the new Mary Engelbreit fabric from Moda as seen in the Hancock's of Paducah catalog...tempting!


Kate said...

oh, I hope those socks are for me! I like the pictures of the yarn. You should learn how to use the white balance feature on your camera; it would make the color of your sock look more like it looks to the eye.


andrea said...

How great is all that Miss Pam!
Lovin' it all :)

Jackie said...

Those socks are wonderful! :-)


Anonymous said...

That looks like "Regia" sock yarn to me!! I was just in the yarn store today, but was good and didn't add to my stash!! Your socks look great, Pam!

Jackie said...

You've been tagged! :-)

Read my blog for details.



Jackie said...

The birth of a baby - truly a miracle.
Other than my own birth of having Amber, I have been to 2 other friends births and I just get this emotional overwhelming feeling while being present. It is so beautiful and miraculous. :-)