Monday, March 31, 2008

Still a bad blogger

It seems that I have been behind ever since I got home from my parents' a week ago. I have had something going on everyday except Sunday (including four 12 hour shifts at work) and it seems that I am just now getting caught up with everything that needs to be done. I am hoping to take some "urban wildflower" photos...just need to remember to take camera with me when I go out.

Upon the recommendation of the vet (Graycie is getting a little pudgy), the cats are now on a diet. Well, not really a diet, just not unlimited grazing at the self feeder. They actually eat less than I thought. I have been giving them one cup of food (Science Diet dry) a day to share, which is actually less than the recommended amount and they don't even finish it. So maybe what they really need is more exercise (don't we all?). I found this really CUTE food bowl at Petsmart, on clearance for 50% off. Very Mary Engelbreitish, don' t you think?

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Jackie said...

Very cute bowl! :-)