Saturday, July 14, 2012

Where Bloggers Create 2012

Somehow I connected with My Desert Cottage who is hosting "Where Bloggers Create 2012."  Scroll down her sidebar for links to a peek into so many creative places.  I am embarrassed that I am even included.  Of course since I am not at home I couldn't take any pictures of my crafting room, but I did post pictures a few years hasn't been that tidy since! Pretty much the only crafty thing I have done in the last three months is a bit of knitting...while sitting on my comfy new couch.

A few things that I have acquired while here will be going home with me next week.  My BFF Marjorie sent me this sweet crocheted piece for my birthday.  Somehow, after months years of wondering what I want my grandchildren to call me, I have become "Bunny." But no, I am not going to start collecting bunnies!

My daughter picked up this darling piece at a tag sale.  I said "Oh, is this for me?"  I'm sure there is a spot for it somewhere in the house...maybe on a throw pillow?

One of the things Mike brought up last week was the musical Fisher Price mobile that belonged to Kate  when she was a baby.  The boys were enthralled with the moving animals.  I am going to miss them so much!


Heather Graham said...

You shouldn't be embarrassed! I think that couch looks so comfy, and those babies are adorable! I think you should create wherever you are happiest & comfortable! Thanks for sharing your space... excited to be following... Would love for you to visit sometime.


A China Cupcake said...

Your boys are beautiful . Your family is more beautiful than any objects on a post. By the way did you ever get your Eiffel tower tatto . We just came back from France.
If you go visit the most beautiful city /town in France called Annecy it is by far the most romantic place for an anniversary in the universe Look it up and you won't believe your eyes!!!!! Thanks for letting me visit . Come see me sometime when you return blessings and wishes Pat Beglin

StasaLynn said...

Never ever be embarrassed! My craft room is hardly anything to write home about - but I LOVE it all the same.... it is my space, where I can get my hands dirty, listen to music and think about all the things that roam around in my head!

Take care, enjoy your family and will be back soon!


Maureen said...

Love the bird hankie! So cute; yes, it would look lovely on a pillow/cushion!

Helena White said...

Your babies are adorable! I like the embroidered hankie! Thanks for sharing ~

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ɱεɱσŗγ ɓσх ƈŗεąŧïσŋş

rose123 said...

The babies are adorable, I know you will mss them. Hopefully you won't have wait long between trips.
Also love your new sofa! Looks so comfy. Pottery barn? I' ve been wanting one, soon.
Enjoyed your blog Pam. Thanks for sharing.


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