Saturday, April 7, 2012


I haven't made as much progress on my projects as I had hoped.  I have been working full time for the last couple of months in preparation for the opening of our new hospital, the Texas Children's Hospital Pavilion for Women.  It opened on March 26 and is a fabulous facility!  I have one more week to work before I start my grandmother's leave of absence.  The boys are scheduled to arrive on April 25th and I will be going up to Minneapolis on the 23rd.  I have made some progress on the knitting projects, but have decided to put them on hold as I can finish them up once I get there. I have just started on the white stripe.


I do need to finish the quilts before I leave.  My old sewing machine is at Kate's house, but I really want to finish them here.  I have all the blocks done and quilt top #1 is finished.  I will machine quilt them myself...just stitch in the ditch.  Now to get off the computer and on the sewing machine!

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BitsAndPieces said...

I get excited for you just thinking about those twin grandsons. Their due date is closer than I realized. Take care, Pam.

Hugs, Sandy