Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The main event

I did finish both of the quilts.  I still have to hand sew the binding onto the second one, but here is first one.  The yellow knitted blanket hanging on the end of the bed is one my mother made for my daughter Kate when she was born.

I kind of put my knitting on hold to get the quilts done before I came up to Minneapolis on Monday.  I did manage to get a few rows done on the plane and a couple while I was in the waiting room waiting for the boys to arrive.  And now they're here! 

Charles Michael weighed 7-7 and Arthur John was 7-1.  Yes, that is a total of 14.5 pounds of baby!  I am so proud of my daughter and so happy that she was able to carry these guys to 38 weeks.  All my worrying was for naught.  I am SO thrilled to be a grandmother!

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BitsAndPieces said...

beautiful quilts, darling boys

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