Thursday, April 30, 2009

Finally, something to blog about

Well, it's four weeks tomorrow that I had my surgery, and the physical therapist says that I am right on schedule. I am able to be out of the sling for increasing amounts of time, so I have managed to take some pictures. I always think that blogs are more interesting with pictures, don't you?

We spent some time working in the yard last Sunday. Mike planted these mandevillas for me on either side of the garage doors. The idea is that they will grow up and over the top of the doors and meet in the middle. I have seen this elsewhere, and really like the effect. I will keep you updated on their progress.

These are our Belinda's Dream roses. They are Earthkind, developed to do well in this hot, wet climate. I neglected to prune them this year, but that doesn't seem to have inhibited their progress.

Every year, after our forced amaryllis have finished blooming, we plant them outside along the north fence (there were some growing there when we bought the house so we have just kept adding to them). I think, coming from the "frozen North" we are intrigued that we can grow these outside.

This is another flower that is not hardy up North, but comes back every year here in Houston, the canna lily.
This is a macro shot of one of our Turks cap blossoms.

Our old compost bin has seen better days, not to mention that it is full!

So we bought another one, just like the old one, and set it up.

Okay, I know, new compost bin, not so exciting, but new couch, now that's exciting! Remember when we ordered it, December 30? They told us it would be 2-4 months. Well, today, four months to the day, it was delivered. I am sitting on it as I type.

We have already decided that we need to get a new coffee table...not sure what style the old one is, but definitely not Craftsman. We could go back to the Amish Craftsman, but might just order this one.

Hmmm...maybe a new rug too.

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