Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New year...new furniture

We have been talking about getting a new sofa for a while now. We have a few good reasons for doing this:
  • We now have Kate's old futon in our TV room...not very comfortable for sitting on for any length of time. It does function as a double bed, but again, not very comfortable.
  • Our old sofa(bed) in the living room is still in pretty good shape despite being at least 15 years old, but the burgundy/navy/forest green plaid upholstery is very 90's. It is a Berne, well constructed and we did pay a good amount for it. We could just have it reupholstered (which we may well do), but we would like to put it in the TV room (which is really a bedroom) so when we have more guests than the guest room can accommodate (which does happen) they can have some privacy.
  • If we put it in the TV room, we will have a more comfortable place to watch our weekly one hour of TV and will be able to update our 90's looking living room.
I have seen several ads in the newspaper for The Amish Craftsman. I love craftsman style...I am always oohing and aahing over the latest edition of American Bungalow. If I could have any house I wanted, it would probably be a craftsman style bungalow. We have a few vintage craftsman pieces, and almost all of our other furniture is oak. And after almost 18 years of marriage I know Mike well enough to know that if I get him to go and look at something, we are probably going to buy something. This is what we bought.
It will be crafted by an Amish furniture builder from Indiana or Ohio and delivered to us in 2-4 months. And this is the leather upholstery.

We decided on leather and I think that this is the color we chose...not brown, not burgundy...something in between that will hopefully go with the rest of the room, although I do foresee a new rug in the future. It was rather costly, but I do feel good about supporting domestic craftsmen who use domestic products. Now all we have to do is get the old sofa bed into the TV room...hopefully it will fit!


Mscutiepatootie said...

I love your couch Pam! it will fit in with your LR perfectly. We have an Amish made dining room table and chairs. The man who made it actually delivered it to us!

Jessica said...
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Jeremy said...

You have really wonderful choice for new furniture!! This couch is best for my home!!