Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A little bit of Christmas...

We got our second meat delivery last Sunday. I decided that it would be a good idea to date the packages, since some are duplicates from last month that we haven't used yet. I think there may be a meatloaf in our foreseeable future, what with ground beef and pork and all. We also have a package of veal liver. I don't remember the last time I cooked liver, but I think it involves bacon and onions. This is what we received:
NY strip 8 oz.
Pork shoulder roast 2#
Whole chicken 2#
Ground beef 2#
Pork cutlet 8 oz.
Bratwurst 1½ #
Pork sausage 1#
Ground pork 1#
Boneless pork chop 8 oz.
Hot dogs 8 oz.
Veal liver 1#

Mike and I opened our presents on Christmas Eve, because we left Christmas morning to drive up to Mansfield to spend the holiday with my family. My stepsons came as well, which was great, but I was really sad not to be with Kate and Kyle. I'm so glad I had last week with them, even if being gone the week before Christmas put me way behind schedule.

Purrkins wanted to help with the opening of gifts.

Although I should have known that he had an ulterior motive...

After Mike went to bed, I finished binding this quilt, which obviously did make it back from the quilter's. I gave it to my sister for Christmas. Mike had drawn her name, but we all know how that works! (I recommend clicking on the picture for a close-up :-)