Saturday, December 13, 2008

Vintage Christmas

Just wanted to share some vintage Christmas items we have. This Santa planter belonged to Mike's mother.
As did this kind of scary looking wind-up Santa.
This nativity scene is from my childhood, purchased at the "dime store" (remember those?) We were so poor we could only afford one wise man. I seem to recall a shepherd, but don't know what became of him.

This is a wreath I made of old glass ornaments, Shiny Brites and others. The rubber reindeer is from my first Christmas in 1951. The "elf on the shelf" figure was given to me by my friend belonged to her mother-in-law.


This crewel embroidery was done by Mike's mother...a lot of work for something that is just displayed for one month out of the year, but I do treasure it.


I love all these old things from Christmases past. The memories are what make this time of year so special.


belinda said...

oooo...your special treasures from the past are wonderful.....your wreath is a sparkle delight!..i have always wanted a wreath like's sooo 'martha stewart'

Mscutiepatootie said...

Love your Christmas treasures Pam. Happy Holidays!!! Love, Nancy

BitsAndPieces said...

Pam, what delightful treasures with special memories! I'd like to do a wreath with vintage items...yours is spectacular!