Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More meat and a "new" bathroom

We received our third meat delivery from Jolie Vue Farms. There is enough meat for 12 meals and also, being from Louisiana, they always include a "lagniappe." We have been very pleased with the quantity and quality of the meat we have received, and are very happy that we are able to support a local, sustainable farm. This was our most recent delivery:

Boneless beef shoulder roast 2#
Whole chickens (2) 5#
Ground beef 3#
Bratwurst 1#
Ground pork 1#
Bone-in rib eyes (2) 1#
Pork back ribs 8 oz.
Fresh slab bacon 8 oz.
Smoked bacon 12 oz.
Beef bones (lagniappe) 2.5#

In anticipation of our children visiting us before we leave on our long awaited family vacation (a western Caribbean cruise), we decided to finally redo our ugly guest bathroom. I neglected to take a "before" picture until after Mike and Donesh had successfully removed the very ugly 70's aluminum and glass shower door over New Year's.

We then painted it in "Gingery" by Sherwin Williams. Actually, Mike painted and I critiqued. I hate to paint. I made a shower curtain and valance out of some fabric I had bought for that purpose on one of my trips to Italy (we had been planning to do this for quite some time). We are both pleased with the result, and I am happy to have one more piece of fabric out of my stash made up into something!

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