Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hog heaven

My older stepson is a grad student in EE at UT-Dallas. We always see him on holidays when we go up to my mom's near Fort Worth, but he rarely comes down to visit us. We convinced him to come down with us after Christmas, and he flew back up on New Year's Day. He and Mike had some good father-son bonding which involved some yard work, several trips to Lowe's and starting a redo of our guest bath (which I have a feeling I may end up finishing). They took out an ugly old aluminum and glass shower door, which I am going to replace with a shower curtain made from some fabric I bought in Italy for just that purpose. We are also painting the room...a job I hate!

Another thing they did together was go to Fry's. They bought a wireless router and he installed it for me. This means that I can now be online in my sewing room...woohoo! This is especially nice when I am doing machine embroidery and have to sit here while the Bernina does its stuff. Does it get any bettter than that? I don't think so.

Speaking of sewing, here is picture of my mom and me on Christmas. She is wearing the jacket I made for her birthday. (And if you click on the photo for a close-up, you can see the Mary Engelbreit cross-stitch I made for my parents' 50th anniversary.)


Margie said...

The jacket turned out GREAT! tell your mom she's gorgeous-

Mscutiepatootie said...

The jacket is just too cute, as is your mother with her double pierced ears. I loved seeing the ME piece you made for your parents. I remember when you were working on it. It's beautiful.

BitsAndPieces said...

Wonderful picture, Pam. Thanks for pointing out the ME piece. . .lovely!!