Saturday, June 14, 2008

Soap opera box

I came across this great vintage wrapping paper in some stuff from my grandma that I saved when we closed down her house 6 years ago and moved her into assisted living. It is so classic, and I am always looking for "masculine" wrapping paper.

Well, of course I didn't want to actually use it and have it be torn off and thrown away. So I decided to make what my friend Margie and I call a "soap opera box." If you have ever watched a soap opera (All My Children has been my guilty pleasure for the last 30 years :-) you may have noticed that when anyone gets a present, it is always in a box that can be opened by just taking the top off. I didn't do a very pretty job of this from the inside...

...but the outside looks great, and it can be used over and over, year after year for Fathers' Day and birthdays as well. And he probably won't even notice.

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