Friday, June 27, 2008

I <3 April Cornell

I was so sad when they closed all the U.S. stores a few years ago due to some financial reorganization issues. I loved shopping there. Shopping online for clothing like this just isn't the same. I want to see and touch and feel all the pretty fabrics. It drove my daughter crazy because I would spent hours picking out one dress. So when we were in Philadelphia last week, I had to go the store there, one of only three they reopened in the U.S. I was thrilled to find that they were having a sale and I was able to buy three dresses for a total of $90. This is the "Fable dress" in black cotton with crocheted trim.

The "Genevieve dress" in celadon cotton with lace sleeves and bodice that remind me of those machine made lace tablecloths.

And my favorite, the "Mayur dress," in this fabulous rayon art deco floral.

I LOVE the embroidered ribbon trim!

So now I have my April Cornell fix for a while. And best of all, I got it in Pennsylvania where, unlike Texas, there is no sales tax on clothing!


Kate said...

even better... i wasn't subjected to april cornell torture!

Sandi said...

Ran across your post while searching for lace tablecloths. Wow those dresses are beautiful and you really got a good deal. I wasn't aware that almost all of their stores had closed. So sad.