Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More photos

My daughter, the photographer, is clamoring for more photos from my new camera, so here a few random shots. Probably not the artistic stuff she had in mind , but all that I have taken so far.

I don't know what kind of bush this is in our front flower bed, but thought the red berries were pretty.
Here are some of my Mary Engelbreit Christmas figurines, adhered to the shelf with museum gel to protect them from Graycie the cat. She is quite the climber and has broken a few things in the past.
And my "feather" tree with Waterford ornaments, also secured but with a wire coat hanger and clear duct tape (I never knew there was such a thing.)
One of my favorites...You'd Better Not Pout nutcracker.
And here is our fireplace. Yes that is a picture of the Buena Vista over the mantle. Mike is a native of San Francisco and we always go there for an Irish coffee when we visit.
Well, Kate, I know these aren't what you had in mind...maybe I'll take some pictures of the cats today :-)

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Jackie said...

I love all your Christmas decorations Pam. :-)