Monday, December 3, 2007

Bulb update

Here are the paperwhites I started forcing three weeks ago. They are about 18" high and the buds are quite full. I'm not sure if the 10% alcohol solution has made a difference...we'll see what happens when the blooms open up.The amaryllis is doing beautifully. I can't believe how quickly it has grown...maybe it is the warm weather. Yes, it was 80ยบ yesterday. We had a holiday open house to go to which requested "festive attire." Right. I ended up wearing a short black sleeveless Chico's Travelers dress with a red silk black velvet or red plaid taffeta in that weather. Anyway, this is what the amaryllis looked like yesterday.
And this is what it looks like today!
I'm sure it will open up in no time. And look how tall it is, with the second shoot poised take over when the first one is done. Yes, I do have the back door open. It is down into the 60s today, and I'm loving it!

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