Thursday, October 9, 2008

Torta della Nonna

We had a small dinner party last night for one of the Hitachi engineers with whom Mike has been working at the PTC.
Hitachi has officially turned the project over to M.D. Anderson and Mr. Nakagawa is returning home to Japan after spending 4 years in Houston. (His next project may be in Milan, so we made him promise to keep Mike in mind as a consultant :-) My mom had given Mike this cookbook for his birthday last month and I used a couple of recipes from it, as well a few old stand-bys. For dessert I decide to make the Torta della Nonna. The crust contains flour, sugar, eggs, vanilla, melted butter and olive oil.


It was supposed to be made in a 10" tart pan, but since I don't have one,
I used a 10" springform instead. The bottom crust is pressed into the pan.


The filling is eggs, sugar, lemon zest & juice, fresh ricotta and pine nuts.


The top crust is rolled out and put on very carefully...

baked for 40 minutes...


released from the pan...


and served on a pretty plate.


It was quite tasty, not too sweet or rich, a good thing after braised lamb shanks,
saffron risotto and caramelized brussels sprouts.


Jackie said...

WOW Pam what a meal! That dessert looks divine.


Kate said...

Kyle and I bought that cook book at Half Priced Books about 2 years ago... our ABSOLUTE favorite dish in it is the Chicken Thighs with Olives and Saffron... I may have even made it for you once. Check it out!

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