Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hey, so it's not Rolling Stone

Mike gets numerous publications in the mail including the ACR Bulletin. He had paged through this issue and said he was getting ready to toss it into the recycle bin when he took another look at the cover. You may recall that we went to the RTOG meeting in Philadelphia last June. While we were there we went to a black tie gala to celebrate its 40th anniversary. Well, most of these photos were taken at the party, including the one in the lower left corner...that's us with our friends Wendy and Julia (I don't know who the dark haired woman on the right is...) There were probably at least 300 people there, so I was excited that we made the cover. Mike has been chair of their Physics committee for at least 15 years...although I like to think it was because we made such a handsome couple :-)


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