Sunday, October 11, 2009

I LOVE the internet!!!

I know, I know... I have been a very bad blogger. It just seems that I have been very busy lately, working a fair amount and getting organized for some upcoming travel. We are going on a trip to India (yes, INDIA) next month and have been trying to get that all in order. We have our tickets from Houston to New Dehli, but still have lots to do in preparation for the trip. Our ultimate destination in Hyderbad, where Mike will be giving several presentations at AMPICON. Today we got online to fill out our visa applications, which I will take to Travisa Outsourcing on Tuesday with our passports and, oh yes, the obligatory passport pictures. Now we could just drive over to Walgreen's and spend the $12 to have some high school student take some really bad pictures of us, but I thought "There must be a better way." And there is. I Googled "passport photos" and the second hit was Five minutes later I had this:

Probably the best passport pictures he has ever had taken, for only the cost of photo paper and ink. Now I just have to get him to take one of me. I'm sure I will be more critical of mine.

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