Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I recently came across this vintage Valentine card. I'm not sure when it's from, some time in the early 50s. Note on the little girl's bracelet a small metal rivet.

It lets the ice cream cone rotate away from the little girl's face.

I love vintage Valentine cards, but this one is very special to is signed on the back by my father, who passed away last April.

I love you, too, Daddy.


BitsAndPieces said...
Pam, thanks for sharing that very special and treasured Valentine... a dear keepsake of love.

Jackie said...

Ohhhhhh that is so sweet.

Daddy is one of the nicest words in the whole world.

texcinlulu said...

What a precious little Valentine.
So special since it's from your Daddy.
Thanks for sharing such a sweet remembrance.