Sunday, August 24, 2008

this favorite children's book

This was my favorite book as a child, and I am fortunate enough to still have it. I remember my mother reading it to me and me reading it to Kate. I could probably recite it from memory if I had to.

I'm sure that this book is part of the reason that Paris is my favorite city in the world and was why I chose to study French.

I look forward to reading it to a granddaughter some day...

Thanks to Potty Mouth Mama for this week’s topic, and three buttons for this is


Bellgirl said...

Ooh, I love this one too! I found a box set of Madeline books in the op shop for my son, he's a bit little for them now but he loves putting them in and out of the box and carrying it around by the handle!

Jackie said...

"To My Pam
All my Love, Mommy

It gives me goosebumps!
What a treasure!!!! :-)