Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The party's over :-(

Well, the wedding was a huge success. I went up on Sunday the 14th and stayed at our favorite bed & breakfast for the first part of the week. Mike came up on Wednesday and then we stayed at the Depot with the rest of our out of town guests. Kate was a beautiful bride. We don't have the professional photos yet, but we did get some shots on our little digital.

The wedding was on Friday night and we had a gift opening on Saturday morning. They loved the quilt, although they were a bit overwhelmed by everything and didn't really take much time to look at it. They left Saturday afternoon for their honeymoon in Sonoma.
The whole thing just went by so fast, as I knew it would. Now I am trying to just sit back and relax with the memories.

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andrea said...

Such a beautiful couple, Pam. Hope they have many happy and healthy years together! I'm sure they're going to treasure the quilt you made them, once they're back from the honeymoon and have a chance to get under it :)