Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fall is in the air...

Oh well, not really, but if I turn the A/C up high enough and put a college football game on TV, I can overlook the fact that it is still summer here and PRETEND that it is fall. Which makes me want to knit. I won this yarn on Eireann's eBay auction. It was donated by lulubeans and this is the hat I have started to make with it.

Of course, it will never be cold enough in Houston to wear it, so I will give it to Kate to wear in Minneapolis. Hopefully winter will wait to arrive there until AFTER the wedding, which is three weeks from yesterday!

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andrea said...

It's beautiful Pam!

Jeff and I were just talking about how much we'd like to move from Texas someday...somewhere that has actual changes in the weather when the seasons change, like actual cooler temps in the fall and maybe even a cold day in December! Any ideas? LOL
At this point I'm thinking anywhere we can find work!