Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thrift Thursday 8.1.13

I spent a long weekend up in Minneapolis visiting our kids and grandsons, and my sister Jan was there as well. Our son and his girlfriend have a new dog who also came to visit. She is a very sweet cattle dog mix stray named Juniper. The boys were a bit wary of her to begin with, but they all warmed up to each other nicely.  

Yesterday morning we had some time to spare before heading to the airport, so I took Jan to one of my favorite thrift stores, Savers.  I always seem to find something there I can't resist.  This was yesterday's find...

KLM Delft houses.  These are given to customers flying in business class on KLM.  They contain a Bols liqueur that I have never had the nerve to try.  We have several from our trip to India and a trip Mike took to Abu Dhabi a few years before that.  These were $1.99 a piece, so I had to buy all of them.  Only one was a duplicate (I think there are close to 100 altogether).

 I also found this lovely piece from Les Olivades. I am not sure if it is a large scarf or a  small tablecloth (29" square), but for $1.99, I couldn't leave it there!

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